Caedwyn and Brianna, the Druids, the Semnotheoi, and the Romans enjoin many travels from their homelands. Find your way through Druid Twilight along ancient roads and into prehistoric towns and villages. Many of the names you will know, and many you may not.

Some of the towns, such as Segontium/Caer Seiont (Caernarfon), Viroconium Cornoviorum (Wroxeter), and Deva (Chester), were in their early development as military outposts at the time of Druid Twilight. In many cases, there is evidence of prehistoric and unnamed settlements at the sites of some familiar locales, such as Stirling and Petuaria. Druid Twilight invites you to stroll through the ancient history of Britain to find golden nuggets of its facinating story.

Download the latest map! New locations are added as the story continues to unfold in Parts Two and Three.

Map of Ancient Britain

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